Cost vs Value

Mark Gusew Tuesday Apr 16, 2019

Fit for Purpose

When you are in the market to make a purchase, there are certain things that all of us want or indeed need. These things should be a given. Firstly, it should be ‘fit for purpose’, in other words, it must deliver the things that made you want the item in the first place. Secondary to that, it should be ‘value for money’.

Many clients come to us with a total dollar cost at the top of the criteria list. Yes the cost is important, after all, it needs to be paid for. But ‘value for money’ is a much better criteria.

You can get great value for money from very inexpensive items, but if it doesn’t do the things that you need then it’s a very poor purchase and really only another (more expensive) purchase can remedy the situation. Conversely if you paid a lot and the end goal could have been achieved for much less, then again that is poor value for money.

In the end you realise that you really need quality advice from an honest reputable retailer, one that thoroughly understands the industry and the options available.

This is easily achevieved by sitting down with you and really understanding what you are trying to achieve and to listen to your priorities and concerns and to then suggest equipment and services that will fit into your budget. Ideally the solution will be demonstrated and explained in simple to understand terms. It would also be advantageous to have a visual representative of how the solution will look like in your own home. Naturally all of the details are in writing, with options and upgrades listed separately.

3d render (2).jpg

When the project commences, the contractors arrive on time and conduct themselves professionally at all times. You are kept in the loop at all times as the management of the project is our responsibility and is not left to chance.

Towards the end of the project, we ensure that the equipment is configured correctly, if it’s a projector, that it is calibrated to the screen and that the sound is also calibrated correctly. Things like room color, lighting, window coverings, seating, item placement and room acoustics are discussed with some realistic recommendations made. If the system is somewhat complex, we can suggest integration with the rest of the home, a simplified remote control system and easy to use automation.

Naturally we don’t leave until you are shown how to use the system and how to get the best from it. Nothing is left to chance and satisfaction is assured.

These are all things that a discount package retailer will not or cannot deliver.

The overall result is very happy clients that receive a system that is very much fit for purpose and is awesome value for money.

Service 4.png

Key Points

  • We offer a Professional Service

  • We are not a discount warehouse retailer “stack them high and sell them cheap”

  • We listen to your priorities and concerns and then suggest equipment and services that will fit into your budget

  • Full showroom demonstration available

  • Full design service available

  • Interior design available

  • 3D render of how the equipment will look in your own room

  • Full Project & Installation Management from end to end

  • Professional service fees are included in the price, not extra

  • Consultation Service available separately upon request