"Live" Music - Right Here at BMC

Mark Gusew Monday Mar 25, 2019

Having an onsite recording studio and live performance theatre has many advantages. Our customers benefit!

Burwood Music Centre (or BMC) contains a variety of in-house businesses within its walls. Sure, we have a high-quality hi-fi store full of awesome gear from all over the world and yes it’s world class. But probably the most exciting aspect of the premises is the well established recording studio.

We appreciate music in all its forms, but before anyone can ejoy it, firstly it needs to be created. The artists must perform and record somewhere. Since 1991 we have had an in-house professional recording studio, so we are happy to report that we can fill that need. We are fortunate enough to hear live music on an almost daily basis.

Some of Australia’s best and brightest musical talent comes in through our doors. It could be for band practice, rehearsal for concerts, recitals and recording projects, talent development, cutting an album or any number of reasons. And we get to hear them perform! It has to be one of the best ‘perks’ of this job.

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My office is right next to the Mastering suite and I can hear the live feed coming from the studio.The suite is only about 20 meters from the studio. So it’s dead easy to compare the performers live sound with live sound coming straight from a microphone feed. And it’s good, really good!

The sound quality isn’t like hearing it from any other means. Regular CD or LP quality just isn’t in the same league as live studio sound. With high levels of purity, dynamics and “liveness” the studios own equipment has to be very good. If it isn’t, you can pick it straight away. The investment in high-grade equipment for the entire premises is significant. It is one of the major factors that separates modest home based studios from professional outfits.

Over the years, we have used various loudspeakers onsite, many well-known domestic and pro-audio brands. The list includes Manger from Germany and the popular top end Genelec’s from Finland. But also well-known audiophile brands such as Tannoy, JBL, B&W and Yamaha. A couple of years ago we started experimenting with Brodmann loudspeakers from Vienna, Austria. These hand-made speakers, from famed piano manufacturer Brodmann, have been a revelation. There is something very special about their design and the way they sound.

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All of the aforementioned loudspeakers reproduce music very well, to varying degrees of success, but put against live music, they can sound somewhat coloured, slow and bloated as they introduce artifacts that should not be there. The Brodmann's, on the other hand, seem to reproduce sound in a very natural manner, sounding extremely realistic. The almost complete lack of coloration is incredible.

Would you like to hear this for yourself?

We do have open days from time to time and have live performances available for the public, with comparisons of sound to hi-fi componants. Interested? Drop us a line and we will send you a special invitation to our next event. Everyone is welcome!

In the meantime, please come and experience Brodmann for yourself at BMC Audio Visual. We are open 7 days a week from 12pm till 9pm by appointment.