Top Aussie Studio Producer Prefers Perreaux & Brodmann Equipment

Mark Gusew Friday Sep 27, 2019

Lee Bradshaw of ‘Bradshaw Music Productions’ operates a thriving business based in Melbourne, as an independent artist producer, heading his own record label and talent development with vocal coaching services.

Lee also runs “Set the Stage” program, giving budding artists an opportunity to perform live and get a taste of the recording industry. When in Melbourne he is found in the control room of his large recording studio ‘New Village Studios’ with state-of-the-art recording facilities. The studio is part of the Burwood Music Centre complex.

You could say that sound is at the core of everything that he is involved with. So what equipment does Lee choose to work with? After a long period of trial and error, Lee has chosen to work with Perreaux amplification and digital to analog converters and Brodmann loudspeakers.

With Perreaux’s long term association with pro-audio and custom amplification, it’s no real surprise that Perreaux was chosen and prefered. Lee says: “The Perreaux amplifier gives me the headroom I need to drive the loudspeakers in a way that has provided a new level of transparency and evenness. The combination of the amp with the Brodmann's has been unexpectedly - for me at any rate - spectacular.“

The Perreaux 150i is an integrated amplifier with around 190W/channel into 8 Ohms, which is powerful enough to fill a large studio control room with real world volume levels. It is also absolutely thermally stable and reliable. The units are left running 24x7 without the slightest difficulty. By using an integrated amplifier, Lee gains convenience and ease of use, with a single unit in control.

Feeding the 150i is a Perreaux DP32 DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) which is feed the signal taken off the Pro Tools mixer, entirely in the digital realm. “The transparency has given me a level of comfortability through the entire production phase; from placing mics to forensic EQ cuts in a mix... which is immeasurable in value when dealing with such subjective material in the first instance,” says Bradshaw. It complements the integrated amplifier perfectly.


For loudspeakers, Lee has settled on a pair of the Brodmann VC-2 for the studio. Brodmann heralds from Vienna Austria, the home of Mozart and Beethoven and has a piano manufacturing heritage that dates back to the 1820’s.

Although primarily known as a domestic home loudspeaker, they have been used in many professional installations around the world, where accuracy and transparency is very important. Whereas the majority of studios use active speaker solutions, that is monitors with inbuilt amplification, the Perreaux / Brodmann combination provides vastly superior results. For some years Lee has used active setups and is now very passionate when it comes to chatting about his newly acquired system.

He says: “I was admittedly sceptical about the Brodmann's in particular as I wasn't initially a fan of how FLAT they are... and the irony isn't lost on me! However, working through one particular project revealed exactly those benefits in a professional studio environment. I, for a long time endorsed colouration as being helpful particularly prior to the mixing process. However, with the Perreaux/Brodmann combo; I feel I'm able to make bolder Production moves given the transparency in terms of what I'm hearing. In hindsight, it kind of seems like common sense!”

Praise indeed! Use what the pro’s use, Perreaux and Brodmann!

Bradshaw Music Productions can be found at

Brodmann and Perreaux equipment can be demonstrated at BMC Audio Visual.