Use 3D Discs Underneath Your Stereo Components

Mark Gusew Wednesday Mar 06, 2019

The other day I had the opportunity to hear a new and exciting audio tweak.

Simply place a Les Davis Audio 3D-2 disc underneath the feet of your amplifier, CD Player and loudspeakers and hear the difference! To be honest with you, I was just a little skeptical that it would work. How can it make a difference?

ORDER NOW and hear for yourself.

They sure look simple enough, small shiny 50mm diameter discs or pucks that are only a millimetre or so in thickness. They are actually a high-tech, constrained layer damping (or CLD) sheet, cut round and cleverly used for vibration isolation and resonance control. The discs are the brainchild of Les Davis, an Australian inventor and music lover, who wanted to come up with an efficient way of allowing audio components to express themselves at their optimum potential. Normally small vibrations and resonances cloud or distort the micro-timing of music coming out of the devices. This is heard is often heard as distortion and mechanical background noise lodged in the music.

Les had the idea of using constrained layer damping material to reduce the distortion.

According to Wikipedia: "Constrained-layer damping is a mechanical engineering technique for suppression of vibration. Typically a viscoelastic or other damping material, is sandwiched between two sheets of stiff materials that lack sufficient damping by themselves. The ending result is, any vibration made on either side of the constraining materials (the two stiffer materials on the sides) are trapped and evidently dissipated in the viscoelastic or middle layer."

After much trial and error, he has formulated his own 7 layer propriety material and named them 3D-2 Discs,

Well enough of the science, do they actually work? I am happy to report to you that they most certainly do work.

They work really well indeed!

At our listening showroom, Les first tried the discs underneath a pair of bookshelf loudspeakers. He used the discs with a double-sided self-adhesive that lightly bonded the speakers to metal stands. Then he placed the regular discs under the stands on a hard floor surface. The difference to the sound was immediate and beneficial. The speaker sounded as if it was able to sing out with a single voice, with the previously heard confusion and micro distortion now gone. It seemed to have quieter backgrounds and I swear that the dynamics improved. Mind you, it really didn't sound poor before using the disks, but I am describing the differences in the sound by using them.

Next, we tried the discs underneath an integrated amplifier. Simply slide a disc under each of the four feet of the amp and your good to go. Again, there was a noticeable increase in sonic quality as the music soundstage increased in size and depth and the decays of notes seemed extended and longer. More detail, improved clarity, better timing and a drop in the noise floor. Not bad at all!

We further tried it underneath our hard drive music library and again the same types of improvements. I'm happy to report that the more items that you can find to put the 3D discs under the more cumulative effect you will experience. Unlike some tweaks, these things really work and don't change the tonal characteristics of the system or take the life out of the system. Rather they enhance the character of the system and allow it to perform at a higher level.

The discs can be placed under all types of audio components with beneficial results. Use them underneath loudspeakers, turntables, digital sources, DAC's, amplification, and furniture,

discs under Moon.png

These discs are not as expensive as you expect. They are surprisingly affordable at $99 per box of 16 discs (or only $6.20 each). Certainly a bargain for the benefits that are obtained. I bought a box for myself on the spot!

UPDATE - Les Davis has just announced a 'black' version of the discs. These new and improved discs are double thickness and have composite material upgrades. This results in even better isolation and higher levels of resonance control. They are slightly more expensive at $129/box. We always have them in stock.

Why not come past for a listen and check them out for yourself.

ORDER NOW and hear the benefits for yourself.