What Do You Want from Your Music System?

Mark Gusew Monday Jan 20, 2020

You've spent your money, you own something that's sounding great. But what do you expect from your listening experience? What should it deliver?

You've spent your money, you own something that plays your favourite music and it's sounding great. But what do you expect from your listening experience? What should it deliver? Do you have realistic expectations?

Every time that you listen to your stereo, or headphones or computer audio, you have an expectation. Otherwise why did you switch it on?

You expect something enjoyable, pleasant and engaging. Don't you?

Even switching on the radio in the car has a purpose. Perhaps it's to make time pass a little quicker as you're stuck in peak hour traffic. Perhaps it could be to listen to news report or traffic update, but then when you hear some music, things change.

I'm sure that a different part of your brain is involved a soon as you recognise music. Music is vastly different to other noise or input. Music has the unique ability to cause physical changes within our bodies. It can stimulate the pleasure centres of our brain and release dopamine directly into the brain. This chemical is what makes us feel good, euphoric even. Ah, bliss!

Music Direct Brain Connection.jpg There is a unique direct connection between the brain and music

Audiophiles, musicians and music lovers long for the positive feelings and emotions that music delivers. We crave more. It can become addictive in a positive way and that is why as soon as we get a few spare moments we back in the listening chair. It also explains why are prepared to spend a good proportion of our wages on more musical content and why searching and finding interesting albums is so satisfying.

Music or World Switch.jpg Why not switch the world OFF and music ON

Of course the associated equipment is important too. We want to hear deeply into the recording and to feel as if right there with the musician. Often better cables, a new cartridge or amplifier can open the door to an improved listening experience. It can be likened to cleaning the glass windows that exists between us and the performer and then hearing with increased levels of transparency. It lets more music in.


For those of us that relish those emotions, we invite you to visit our store.

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