Where Has Professional Customer Service Gone?

Mark Gusew Tuesday Aug 27, 2019

Competency is simply NOT practiced industry-wide!

Why dont we see shop staff making practical and constructive suggestions to assist consumers?

I was helping a customer recently with a home theatre enquiry, who was very happy with the service that he was offered. Afterwards, I contemplated the breadth of the products and services that we offer, along with the levels of expertise that goes along with them. We often tend to take these things for granted, but upon reflection, competency, although expected, is simply not available industry wide.

Customers that walk into any shop have a thought or goal in mind - to explore, to get answers and to find potential new and exciting products and solutions for their needs. I don’t think that it’s too much to expect that the sales staff have more than a very rudimentary or basic understanding of the products they are selling and are able to make practical and constructive suggestions along the way.

Yet in the world of retail nowadays, often staff seem to have a terrible sense of boredom and apathy towards the products that they sell. Coming to work and interacting with clients seems to be a thing that is to be endured, rather than enjoyed. This poor attitude appears to be tolerated by the management, otherwise surely they would train and educate their staff to fit within the guidelines of acceptable behaviour - or be promptly dismissed. It has often been said that you can teach almost anyone the skills, but you can never teach someone the basic attitudes required for doing them.

Service 4.png

The sales job is more than just being able to quote prices, specifications and data. It’s about taking the time to chat with customers to find out their real needs and concerns and to show them products or offer services that will suit them best. It includes suggesting how to integrate new equipment with existing equipment, demonstrating what is possible and suggesting appropriately priced options. It can also include offering additional services like delivery and installation. It’s about being professional and reputable. And it is about breaking down the complexity of equipment into simple and usable solutions.

Sure, on the odd occasion we at BMC Audio Visual can get it wrong too, but if discovered or pointed out, we quickly apologise, correct matters and move on positively. We are willing to work even harder to make it right for the customer, to do whatever it takes to have a genuinely happy customer and a positive referral.

This is the major reason why we are not simply “box movers”, the kind of shop that sell products without regard for its usefulness or effectiveness.

And we prefer to think of ourselves as sales professionals, someone with the skills to be genuinely helpful and to give constructive sales advice that is all too often lacking.

Rather, at BMC Audio Visual we genuinely care about our clients’ needs and put together effective solutions that provide tangible benefits and long-term enjoyment.

Why not give us a try?