Barco Bragi CS - 5K 21:9 CinemaScope HDR LED Projector


5K 21:9 CinemaScope HDR LED Projector

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Bragi CS delivers the ultimate and by far the best in image quality for smaller dedicated home cinema rooms we have ever seen, built or experienced before. In short, it is the best picture quality ever shown at this level.

The Details

Bragi Cinemascope produces a stunning, wide and extremely consistent color gamut and a rich, vibrant color rendition. Low noise, with up to 50 000 hour life expectancy, 9 lens options and close to unlimited installation flexibility.

Bragi Cinemascope is not just another projector, Bragi CS is using a new optical engine where we have taken the best from previous models combined with new technology to create an even better optical engine than ever before. The optical engine is using custom designed aspherical glass elements and enhanced low dispersion glass lenses inside the engine, combine that with 9 lens options and you have an image quality in a class of its own.

The optical engine is not the only part that is redesigned, the light source is brand new as well, and this time it’s not laser. The light source is using the latest in HLD and LED illumination technology.

HLD LED is unique in that it works around the ‘law of etendue’ (property of light in an optical system, which characterizes how "spread out" the light is in area and angle...) to deliver a superb color experience and incredible brightness while enabling new levels of resolution.  HLD LED combined with regular LED colors are more saturated, our eyes are tricked to interpret this as richer and brighter colors than they are physically measured. Bragi Cinemascope also has a motorized DCI/P3 filter for improved HDR performance, meaning that the projector will support both SDR and HDR viewing.  

Projector brightness is determined by two main characteristics of the projection light source: the output and the distribution of the light. The distribution should be very narrow, to collimate the light rays efficiently into a controlled beam that will bring full intensity to the imaging device. By combining multiple LED’s and pumping it directly onto a phosphor rod (light tunnel). The light of the LEDs is combined through the rod into a very narrow light beam, creating an extremely bright point source of light which perfectly fits projection requirements and without any loss of light.

Bragi Cinemascope is built on the proprietary Barco Pulse software platform. The powerful and flexible architecture of Barco Pulse allows for easy installation, no scaling artefacts and full freedom in architectural integration. “Pulse” electronics have been designed to process 4K with HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 and the optical engine is utilising the very latest 0,9-inch DMD DLP chipset, delivering 5120 x 2,160 pixels on screen. Bragi also features HDR, motorised lenses and auto aspect detection between 16:9 and CinemaScope. Featuring Barco’s unique RealColor processing, Bragi enables simple and accurate calibration to any desired white point or greyscale. 

Pulse offer a unique web interface called Prospector. Prospector is a lot more than a basic user interface. It offers a full overview of all the features you find inside the projector. It offers monitor options as well as setup options. You can easily do a full installation of the projector from any computer/pad or phone with touch control and Wi-Fi access. Prospector uses a modern true bidirectional communication protocol called JSON-RPC 2.0.