Pedestal Stands

JBL Synthesis, L82 Classic - Stand
Jbl Synthesis – L82 Classic Stand

$699 (pair)
Stands for JBL Synthesis L82 Classic


  • Designed for the L82 Classic
  • Packed and sold in pairs

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JBL Synthesis, L100Classic - Stand
Jbl Synthesis – L100 Classic Stand

$699 (pair)
Floor Stands for JBL Synthesis L100Classic


  • Designed for the L100 Classic  
  • Also supports the original L100, L100A, L100 Century, 4312E, 4312SE, 4312G and 4319 
  • 4 rubber-tipped floor feet are included
  • Packed and sold in pairs • Metal construction with black finish

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JBL Synthesis HDI-1600-FS - Pedestal Stands For�HDI-1600 Bookshelf Speakers
Jbl Synthesis – HDI-1600-FS

$799 (pair)

Pedestal Stands For HDI-1600 Bookshelf Speakers

This product is unable to be purchased online. Please contact us to buy this item.

Floorstands to suit HDI-1600 Bookshelf Speakers.

Gloss black, 645mm high with cable management system.

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